PRMG Announces Greg Pahel as Reverse Mortgage Division Manager!

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Along with continued explosive growth across the country, PRMG is proud to announce the addition of Greg Pahel to lead their new HECM Mortgage Division!

As a seasoned veteran of the mortgage industry with a strong emphasis on HECM Mortgages since 2012, Pahel truly understands the benefits of this option that sometimes carries a negative connotation.  Along with his proven track record along with an unyielding passion to make a difference in the lives of America’s baby boomer generation, Greg is dedicated to genuinely educating these new customers.

“What most call a “Job” I refer to as a privilege, a calling, and an opportunity to change the lives of Senior’s nationwide. Being a part of the PRMG family is something I take very seriously and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing team of leaders. As we build PRMG’s HECM Mortgage Division the growth potential becomes more and more evident as each day goes by, but more importantly than that, by forming this Division, we at PRMG are embarking on a new journey, a journey that allows us to change the lives of every senior in America, one day at a time, and I couldn’t be more honored to part of it!”, said Pahel.

In his new position as PRMG HECM Mortgage Division Manager, Greg will be leveraging his talents toward recruiting like-minded talent while building PRMG's first and very own HECM Mortgage Division from the ground up.

Few things are more rewarding than to help usher in a strategic initiative which has been years in development. Our Reverse Mortgage, or HECM Division was just such an initiative. As a perfectionist, we felt we needed to hold off until such time that we could discover the proper individual possessing the right balance between depth of character, compassion, knowledge and work ethic.  We found this professional in Greg Pahel”, said Michael Gaxiola, National Retail Business Development.

“Greg's knowledge in this highly regulated space is unparalleled and this fact combined with his proven leadership of teams focused on caring for America's seniors will serve the public well”, said Chris Sorensen, PRMG S.V.P., Director of National Retail Production.

Greg can be reached at or 951.432.3634.