PRMG Correspondent is Excited to Announce the Hiring of Dennis Patchett as Vice President of Correspondent Sales!

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Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. (PRMG) has recently hired Dennis Patchett to be Vice President of Correspondent Sales.  Dennis is a 24-year trusted industry veteran with a proven record of success. He has already established an East Coast based Sales Team to help PRMG spearhead the Correspondent channel and further expand its footprint within that region. 

“I joined PRMG because I believe in its customer first culture, strong corporate leadership, and PRMG’s commitment to provide the best experience for all Correspondent Sellers”, said Patchett. 

Dennis will be reporting to Jay Boand, Director of Correspondent Lending.  “Dennis joins PRMG as an accomplished executive with a proven track record of developing successful sales teams and client relationships.  He along with his team are joining PRMG at the perfect time.  PRMG just released our Delegated offering to build upon our already established, best in class, Non-Delegated platform.  He’s truly committed to his customers, which is paramount to PRMG’s Correspondent channel.  When you combine world class sales and operations support, you build client partnerships that last decades”, said Boand. 

Patchett has grown market share for organizations such as Countrywide, Deutsche Bank, Amtrust and various other community bank owned companies.  Patchett concluded with, “What makes PRMG Correspondent different, is how well defined PRMG’s process and products are and how well these pieces fit into the full Correspondent channel.”

More about PRMG’s Correspondent Division:  PRMG offers Delegated and Non-Delegated delivery options for Correspondents.  PRMG’s Correspondent Division prides itself on an easy loan review process, access to people and answers, a large product suite, fast purchase times, and repurchase risk mitigation.  Several Delegated loan products are eligible for the Certified Loan Program, which helps Sellers better manage loss reserves and helps protect against some repurchase risk due to many areas surrounding loan origination and the loan manufacturing process.  PRMG’s Non-Delegated delivery option prides itself on direct access to quality underwriters, product breadth, and a tremendous value of both good pricing and competitive fees.  PRMG will buy FHA test case loans, review CPM approvals, and will always serve as a trusted advisor to all Correspondents who need answers to tough questions or help on tough loans.

PRMG’s Correspondent Division is ready to partner with Sellers across the nation in both the Delegated and Non-Delegated platforms.

For more information please contact Dennis Patchett at 614.581.9276 or