National Mortgage Professional (NMP) Publishes Paul Lucido, PRMG National Marketing Director’s Editorial; Plagiarism VS. Originality

Plagiarism vs. Originality - HEADER.jpg

National Mortgage Professional (NMP) recently published Paul Lucido, PRMG National Marketing Director’s editorial; Plagiarism VS. Originality.

Lucido is a 20-year veteran in the industry, and 7-year PRMG employee, whom is well known in the marketing and advertising side of the mortgage industry. During his time as First Magnus Financial Corporation, he led a creative team of well-seasoned marketing professionals and was consistently awarded Best Advertising Design in 2002 - 2003 and Best Advertising Concept in 2004.

With his seasoned experience and position within the advertising realm of the mortgage industry, plagiarism has become apparent, and a controversial topic many stray from speaking about.

"My hope through educating folks on this subject is that we can bring to light some of the underlying concerns and eventually cease this pandemic that has continuously been taking place over the years.  Although plagiarism can sometimes be flattering as the notion is obviously appreciated, it is also disappointing as it can negatively impact a company’s overall brand when other contenders try to use that same concept to benefit their business.  My mission within the mortgage advertising realm is to always bring something new to the table and not follow the status quo", said Paul Lucido.

To view the full published editorial, please click here or NMP below.