Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. Introduces its 2019 Advertising Campaign on Cover of the Scotsman Guide!

17 year anniversary header.jpg

Since the opening of its doors in 2001, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. (PRMG) has remained centric to serving the Originators needs and has maintained an ideology leading with their famous motto; Built by Originators for OriginatorsTM.  Although PRMG has embraced the evolution of change, whether aiming to provide BETTER Technology, BETTER Product, or BETTER Service, their principles have never budged.

"As a former Originator myself, I can honestly say that without a great Operations Team that provides ‘best in class’ service and fulfillment, which is one of things that we pride ourselves at PRMG, the Loan Officer would not be as successful.  Therefore, not only does Built by Originators for OriginatorsTM ring true for Originators, it also promotes the Operations team to continue with doing what they do best; helping us meet the demands of production”, said Robert Holliday, PRMG Chief Operations Officer.

Today, PRMG has become widely identified across the country as a company that has founders that walked in the Originators shoes.

In 2018, the lender opened over 50 locations across the country -- allowing PRMG to promote expansion while others continue to downsize.  PRMG understands the needs and expectations of the people putting their boots to the ground every day to make the American Dream of Homeownership a reality for their borrowers.  PRMG is committed to providing paramount support and continual fulfillment to those they serve as well as providing one of the largest product portfolios in the business. 

“Building a trusted brand through culture over time is what PRMG has demonstrated since its inception.  2019 will honor the company’s foundational message ‘Built by Originators for Originators TM’ stronger than ever, starting with the cover of the 2018 December issue of the Scotsman Guide, never to forget how we arrived to this point and throughout all that we do going forward”, said Paul Lucido, PRMG Chief Marketing Officer.

As we move into 2019, PRMG will continue to focus on the Originators needs and the changes taking place in order to fulfill those needs.

To view the inaugural 2019 Built by Originators for OriginatorsTM advertisement, please click here.