PRMG Proudly Supports The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals – NAHREP, At Their Annual National Convention At L’Attitude

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PRMG’s Southern California roots lends itself to a greater understanding of the cultural nuances of the Latin professional.  We believe this helped propel PRMG to the top FHA purchase money lender in the State of Florida and assisted with our dramatic growth across numerous markets in America.

NAHREP’s mission of educating and building wealth for their members and those they serve, aligns perfectly with PRMG’s Founders and their desire to create a company “Built By Originators For Originators” in their own effort to help build wealth through homeownership.  PRMG’s CEO Paul Rozo, while being of Columbian decent, rarely discloses such and is adamant that his team focus on promoting the benefits of homeownership for all.  He met with Gary Acosta and recognized a man of integrity who was laser focused on his mission to help others.  Overnight, PRMG became a National supporter of NAHREP.

Our team members are involved in NAHREP Chapters all over America.  They have benefited greatly by partnering alongside NAHREP as together they assist individuals who want little more than an honest, educated professional who will walk them through the process.   NAHREP’s efforts and the professional manner in which the organization conducts itself, set it apart from the rest.  PRMG is honored to once again take part as a Select Corporate Member of NAHREP and look forward to seeing old friends while making new ones.

Almost 60% of all borrowers served by PRMG are of Latin descent and PRMG has several teammates who are listed in NAHREP’s Top 250 Latino Mortgage Originators Report.  Like NAHREP, we’re proud of what we have accomplished and excited that there is so much more work to do.  Partnered together, PRMG & NAHREP, are a unstoppable force for not just good things, but great!  Congratulations to all of the top Agents and Originators, we hope we get a chance to shake your hand at our booth #613, or perhaps share an adult beverage at the end of the days activities. 

If you haven’t already, make sure you register for the Convention here.