PRMG Awarded Affiliate of the Year 2017 by California Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAMP)

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                      CAMP Corporate affliate of the year 2017

                      CAMP Corporate affliate of the year 2017

The California Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAMP) presented PRMG with its most prestigious award; Affiliate of the Year at the Summer CAMP Convention in beautiful Coronado, CA.

PRMG has provided continuous support for many years to not only the entire Industry but CAMP, and the Local Southern California Chapter. Over the course of PRMG’s relationship with CAMP, they have provided maximum sponsorship, involvement, and support at the state level, as well as the local chapter level. Employees such as Bill Moore; PRMG Sales Manager and Alex Lutkus; PRMG AFS Branch Manager actively participate in local and state committees as well as critical special projects. As a team effort, PRMG representatives have given multiple speeches to local chapters, participated at all CAMP local events, wrote articles for Mortgage Messenger and the local chapter newsletters.

“This is a monumental accomplishment for PRMG.  As a formerly active member of CAMP, both at the state and chapter level, and a prior recipient of the Affiliate of the Year Award, I can attest to the importance and relevance of this achievement. Hats off to our PRMG advocates for all that they do to champion the greater good of continued education within our mortgage industry”, said Paul Lucido, PRMG National Marketing Director.

PRMG’s verifiable efforts on behalf of the mortgage industry both locally and nationally have allowed this leading lender to be recognized as CAMP’s Affiliate of the Year.

Congratulations to all PRMG employees on this milestone achievement!