MNN Beyond Print Interviews Paul Lucido, PRMG National Marketing Director on Culture

Mortgage News Network (MNN) Beyond Print interviewed Paul Lucido, PRMG National Marketing Director on Built by Originators for Originators - Creating an Everlasting Legacy.

Lucido is a 20-year veteran in the industry, and 7-year PRMG employee, whom is well known in the marketing and advertising side of the mortgage industry. During his time at First Magnus Financial Corporation, he led a creative team of well-seasoned marketing professionals and was consistently awarded Best Advertising Design in 2002 - 2003 and Best Advertising Concept in 2004.

Along with his experience in marketing and advertising as well as knowledge and constant research on culture, Paul has been a major advocate and champion of building brand equity through culture at PRMG. "Culture is not something that happens instantaneously. It is not big bang theory. It is something that is earned over time through the actions and behaviors starting from the top down", said Paul Lucido.

Today, culture is something that many companies advertise they have. The topic has become saturated as many of these advertised cultures are not organic. To that end, the term has actually become ‘cliché’ during many encounters. 

“I hear it so often in recruiting calls and meetings that their company has the best culture.  It always amuses me how everyone now preaches that they have this secret ingredient.  Although, the ideology is oversaturated, Paul Lucido’s advocacy on the topic of building brand equity through culture is highly beneficial for PRMG as it will demonstrate our core values and establish a human connection with a fresh perspective”, said Paul Rozo, PRMG CEO and Founder.

Organically grown culture with true family values is the foundation of PRMG and has allowed the Southern California based lender to continuously expand its message of core values nationwide. 

At the upcoming NAMB National, Paul will be speaking on the topic of Building Brand Equity through Company Culture.

Please click MNN link below to view the live interview.